Rates for weddings is a flat rate for the whole weekend.

Rental begins with check-in Friday 11 AM, checkout by Sunday 3 PM. Extra time beyond that a day rate applies.

What this includes:

  • Venue rental for whole weekend and whole property including onsite power

    • Including stay in main house & guest house

      • Main house:

        • 1 master bedroom with queen bed

        • 1 kids room with 2 twin beds

        • 1.5 baths

      • Guest house:

        • 2 bedrooms with queen beds

        • 1 bathroom

  • Property Manager liaison onsite

  • Recommended & vetted vendor list  

What is separate and required from renters:

  • Event insurance (incl. waiver of subrogation & alcohol coverage naming us as additional insured) usually about $250. 

  • Insurance from all vendors

  • At least 2 port-a-potties rentals

  • All trash must be taken offsite, or a big trash bin must be organized to be delivered & picked up 

  • Parking - we don’t have parking onsite for more than 5 vehicles and street parking is not allowed as the streets are shared and narrow. We have a neighbor nearby that provides parking for a fee, but we recommend using a shuttle service for guests.

  • We do offer rentals like accent furniture, indigo napkins, heat lamps, and event design separately. 


Rates for events depends on rental period, amount of guests, vendors and scope.

  • Our noise curfew is 10:00 PM. All projected noise must end by 10:00 PM. Parties can continue until later so long as there is no projected noise after that time and party moves inside. We rent our silent disco headsets for those looking to continue the party after this time.

  • Event Insurance and Waiver of Subrogation required. All vendors are required to carry insurance.



We offer property usage in 4 packages, pricing is hourly

  1. Outdoor only

    1. No power

    2. Outdoor shoot only

    3. Generator required (no onsite power)

    4. Port-a-potties rental required

  2. Barn only

    1. Only power in barn

    2. No use of the house

    3. Port-a-potties rental required

  3. Guesthouse + Barn + Outdoor

    For shoots that may need staging area for makeup & wardrobe with a bathroom and kitchen

    1. No use of main house

    2. Port-a-potties rental required for crew above 8 people

    3. No overnight stay

  4. Entire property

    1. Port-a-potties rental required for crew above 8 people

    2. No overnight stay

Please contact us to get an accurate quote.