The Ideal Desert Location with a Variety of Settings…

With 8 acres of boulders, three valleys, a barn, ranch house, and easy road access, Boulder Grove ranch is the perfect setting for a shoot. There is great light in the house & guest house, multiple staging / makeup areas, an entire open barn, two individual electrical panels, and endless possibilities. You can rent part or the entire property according to your needs & budget.


We offer property usage in 4 packages, pricing is hourly

  1. Outdoor only

    1. No power

    2. Outdoor shoot only

    3. Generator required (no onsite power)

    4. Port-a-potties rental required

  2. Barn only

    1. Only power in barn

    2. No use of the house

    3. Port-a-potties rental required

  3. Guesthouse + Barn + Outdoor

    For shoots that may need staging area for makeup & wardrobe with a bathroom and kitchen

    1. No use of main house

    2. Port-a-potties rental required for crew above 8 people

    3. No overnight stay

  4. Entire property

    1. Port-a-potties rental required for crew above 8 people

    2. No overnight stay